• It is important to explore the role of generative AI in defending against phishing attacks.

Generative AI and Security: The Defender’s Perspective

May 15, 2024|Comments Off on Generative AI and Security: The Defender’s Perspective

Amidst the evolving landscape of cybersecurity challenges, one persistent threat remains: phishing attacks. A New Frontier in Defense In this post, we will see how to prompt a generative AI to aid in protecting against [...]

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Security Awareness Levels

May 1, 2024|Comments Off on Security Awareness Levels

In the book, Executive’s Guide to Personal Security, Second EditionDavid S. Katz, Ilan Caspi (2020). Executive’s Guide to Personal Security, Second Edition, Wiley , the authors cite an older book titled Principles of Personal DefenseJeff [...]

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Threat Actors: Who Wants In?

April 24, 2024|Comments Off on Threat Actors: Who Wants In?

When it comes to defining the “who” in the pool of threat actors, the possible list can be small or large. The size of the list depends on how you choose to compartmentalize the characteristics [...]

Encryption Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Most books and articles on the topic of encryption are written for technical professionals who must use it or implement it in systems and code. They throw around words like cipher, key, algorithm, and initialization vector like they are common vocabulary to all. Interestingly, many technical professionals find it challenging to begin learning about encryption because of this pattern. While [...]

Maintaining Awareness of Phishing Scams

Elevate your online security from the outset with crucial phishing awareness tips. In a digital landscape flooded with new phishing scams, staying abreast of evolving tactics is key. Explore how to identify and thwart these threats to fortify your defenses against cyber-attacks. It seems that daily, certainly weekly, new phishing scams are launched on the Internet. From a security awareness [...]

Cybercrime Defined

Cybercrime in Social Media: Theory and Solutions is a recent book edited by Pradeep Kumar Roy and Asis Kumar Tripathy and published by CRC Press. It provides a collection of papers on social media and cybercrime as well as issues like fake news and offensive language. In this post, I am commenting on one of the papers in the book [...]

Creating a Security Awareness Team

With the vital importance of security awareness in modern organizations, many are implementing a dedicated team to implement, monitor, and adjust security awareness programs. In this article, I’ll provide a bit of guidance on the process. Defining Goals for Your Security Awareness Team The first step should be defining the goals of the team. What are the areas of focus [...]

February 7, 2024|Cybersecurity Awareness|

Who Do I Talk To about a Security Incident?

Regularly communicate the contact information to ensure awareness and preparedness.Optimal Security Incident Reporting Channels The question posed in the title of this article is important. Every organization should clearly define reporting channels for security incidents. Larger organizations will typically have a particular number the user is to call and report the potential incident, but sadly, this is not always the [...]

Invisible Data Loss: What is It and Why Does It Matter?

Boost security and fight snooping! Three easy techniques can raise awareness and minimize shoulder surfing and eavesdropping.When considering data loss, we often think only of an attacker gaining access to our systems and extracting data. However, invisible data loss is a concerning problem as well. It occurs when someone gains access to data by being in proximity to the person [...]

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