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At Certitrek, we cultivate success through a spectrum of specialized business units that empower professionals across industries and provide comprehensive tools and resources to upskill employees. Our commitment to precision and expertise is evident in our diversified offerings, including Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA) for mastery in procurement. Our programs are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and certifications needed to excel in their careers, drive growth, and provide valuable insights in their respective fields. Join us in unlocking the potential for excellence in business and industry.

The Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA)

The Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA) is the world’s leading procurement education provider. NLPA provides CE programs for businesses and individuals, as well as individual courses and membership options to help leaders develop successful teams and provide professionals with the tools to build rewarding careers. Certifications include:

  • CPOS (Certified Procurement Operations Specialist): A level 1 certification program. It covers the “Essential Procurement Skills” of the CPO – Body of Knowledge (CPO-BOK). Earning your CPOS Certification Credential will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need. It is the first step in becoming a Certified Procurement Operations Expert.

  • CPOP (Certified Procurement Operations Professional): Covering the “Advanced Procurement Skills” competencies of the CPO – Body of Knowledge (CPO-BOK). The path to earning the CPOP Credential involves completing the CPOS program and being in “good standing.”

  • CPOM (Certified Procurement Operations Manager): Covering the “Procurement Function Management Skills” competencies of the CPO – Body of Knowledge (CPO-BOK).

  • CPOE (Certified Procurement Operations Executive): The highest level of NLPA’s certifications, covering the “C-Level Procurement Impact” competencies of the CPO – Body of Knowledge (CPO-BOK). This credential declares to the world that you are indisputably an expert in procurement operations.