Who We Are

We are an educational company that provides certification programs and resources. Our team members are industry experts in supply chain management, procurement, and logistics. NLPA is a part of Certitrek Group who provides certification programs and credentials for multiple industries. Certification programs are our specialty, and we love what we do.

Company Values

Empower Individuals

We know that continuing education is essential through all career stages, which is why we focus on individuals, businesses, and schools based on their specific needs. These are our goals in working with each group.

Individuals: building a full experience, from the certification programs to the member benefits, that will educate, support, encourage, and empower individuals with everything they need to take their career to the Next Level.

Businesses: offering educational resources that transform a company’s purchasing program into their best competitive advantage. We provide upskilling that will increase team member performance, waste reduction, and cost-saving programs.

Schools: increasing attractiveness to prospective students by offering industry-focused certification credentials that can be obtained concurrently with a degree.


At NLPA, we strive to always act with integrity and do what is right. Our greatest asset is you and the community you help us build. We promise to treat you as we wish to be treated and show how much we value you.


Having something unique to offer doesn’t matter if you can’t get your point across. We know that one of our most significant advantages is taking the highly technical aspects of this industry and boiling it down to understandable concepts and courses. We are continually working to make sure your whole experience is a perfect mix of high quality and ease of use.


You want to know that putting your time and trust in us will be worth it. We want the results to speak for themselves and show that we’re worth it. From practice quizzes, skill assessments through our PASS program, or receiving details on missed sections of an exam, we provide you with the results to see your progress and skills. We take this even further and provide information through our Salary Report that shows how having a CPO Suite Credential will financially impact your career or business.

Always Exceed Expectations

Do as much as you can, always. We believe in doing everything we can to help you because your success determines our success. Your ability to learn, use our methods and tools, and make an impact in your daily job is our badge of success. Training your team is our triumph. Providing your school with the materials and coaching to teach students is our pride. NLPA strives to meet your needs and exceed your expectations whenever possible.

Continuous Improvement

While we know that perfection is never possible, we focus on making continuous improvements to get as close to it as we can. We are always learning and researching everything we can get our hands on about the supply chain, procurement, purchasing, and education industries. We are committed to finding new ways to help make you more competitive in your career and field. Revamping our SPSM certification program, our website, and our courses are just the beginning. Giving you the best education and experience possible is what drives us, and we aren’t going to stop.


Creating an association focused on educating, developing, and empowering professionals.


Be the global leader in educational materials and certification programs for the entire supply chain, procurement, and purchasing industry.


To be the global leaders of a supply chain management body of knowledge and certification program.


  • NLPA was founded in 2000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by Charles Dominick. We were initially incorporated as Next Level Purchasing, Inc, offering Individual Courses and Express Courses.

  • July 1st, 2004 our first certification program was created, titled the Senior Professional in Supply Management (SPSM) certification. Over the next few years, we added more resources, such as our blog and podcasts. We also kept adding new Individual Courses and Express Courses along the way.

  • In 2009 the SPSM2 certification program was released, with SPSM3 following in 2012.

  • Our Salary Report started in 2011 and has continued to be one of our most impactful resources. With almost ten years worth of data we are uniquely able to provide insight and information on industry trends.

  • In 2016 NLPA became a part of the Certitrek Group and part of Global Growth.

We have been diligently working to redevelop our certification programs into the new CPO Suite Programs and improving our customer experience.

We have many exciting developments on the way, so keep an eye on what is new from NLPA.

Want to learn more about earning your CPO Suite Credential?

If you have any question contact us at support@nextlevelpurchasing.com