Whether you are new to purchasing or a seasoned veteran, these procurement fundamentals walk you through the purchasing process step-by-step.


If you are new to purchasing, are you ready for the many challenges you’ll face in the months ahead? You can be with the online course Mastering Procurement Tactics which walks you through the procurement process step-by-step. You’ll be ready for these challenges and so much more. And you won’t need the years of experience usually required to learn how to deal with these challenges. You’ll get more than just an introduction to purchasing—you will become an expert at flawlessly executing and managing purchases. Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Conduct a 9-step procurement process
  • Effectively prioritize requisitions
  • Identify the best potential suppliers
  • Categorize suppliers, such as sole source, single source, preferred, and approved
  • Determine when to use competitive bidding, negotiation, or both
  • Conduct competitive bidding using solicitation tools such as RFPs and RFQs
  • Apply price analysis, cost analysis, and total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis to evaluate supplier pricing and offer
  • Select a supplier with the lowest risk of failure
  • Determine whether a contract, purchase order, or other methods of ordering is best for a certain purchase
  • Select the most appropriate shipping terms for a purchase
  • Understand legal issues impacting the terms and conditions that govern supplier obligations
  • Apply follow up techniques to ensure supplier compliance
  • Understand how to think like a purchasing manager and prepare for the future of procurement


This is a self-paced course with no instructor-led forum and you have 60 days from registration to complete all course elements. It should take you approximately 8 hours to review the material and take any quizzes. All readings are provided in the course.

This course has been pre-approved for 8 CEHs.