Today, procurement professionals are doing less order processing and more contracting and relationship building with suppliers. This new role requires that you have a new skill set—contract writing. Yet most procurement professionals don’t know how to write a contract. This is troublesome. If you aren’t familiar with the advanced techniques of contract writing, you can put your organization at risk and be committed to a poor performing supplier for years.

The bottom line is that you need world-class contract writing skills to be successful in procurement in the 21st century. Our highly personal and interactive online course Supply Management Contract Writing will give you the skills necessary to minimize your procurement risks. This course goes way beyond the typical, dry explanations of contract law. Through examples, interactive exercises, and a sample contract, you will learn how to negotiate and write effective contracts and iron-clad terms and conditions. Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Protect your organization from the disastrous effects of suppliers’ failure to perform
  • Identify if you need the protection of a contract
  • Identify the most appropriate form of agreement
  • Structure contracts
  • Select, use, and develop language for methods of dispute resolution
  • Write a contract’s key legal provisions such as indemnities and limits of liability
  • Write a contract’s key commercial provisions such as pricing and delivery
  • Write a contract’s key technical provisions such as specifications and warranties
  • Understand how to make use of effective styles of contract writing
  • Effectively proofread and organize contract revisions

This is a self-paced course with no instructor-led forum and you have 60 days from registration to complete all course elements. It should take you approximately 8 hours to review the material and take any quizzes. All readings are provided in the course.

This course has been pre-approved for 8 CEHs.