Purchasing Magazine has just released its 2009 salary survey issue. One of the most anticipated purchasing articles of the year, this survey reveals earnings differentials between purchasing professionals in various categories: corporate vs. divisional vs. plant buyers, male vs. female, big company buyers vs. small company buyers, etc.

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Obviously, one of the comparisons that I look most forward to is the certified vs. non-certified dichotomy. And I was not surprised by what Purchasing Magazine found in 2009.

Purchasing Magazine reports that the average annual salary of purchasing professionals possessing the SPSM® Certification was $101,625. That is $10,992 more than those without a certification ($90,633).

$10,992 more in salary per year. A cost of $1,149.

What conclusions do you draw?

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Published On: December 18th, 2009Comments Off on Purchasing Magazine: SPSM’s Earn $10,000 More
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