I occasionally receive email from people who say that they don’t know anyone who has ever heard of the SPSM Certification and question its value.

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Of course, I always reply by referencing the prestigious companies from throughout the world who have enrolled their purchasing professionals in the SPSM Certification Program.

But today, I also thought about an interesting paradox with regard to recognition and value.

Recognition, to some extent, is garnered by the sheer number of people who have a certification. So, a certification held by 75,000 people (Certification A), it is more likely to be “recognized” by a high percentage of employers than a certification held by 1,000 people (Certification B).

However, to an employer, a someone holding Certification A is just one of 75,000 people – not someone special. Someone holding Certification B can lay a more compelling claim to being the “cream of the crop.”

I believe that the key to career success is to earn the up-and-coming credentials BEFORE they are widely demanded. When the demand rises and peaks, you would truly stand out as someone with special accomplishments.

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Published On: September 18th, 2023Comments Off on Recognition & Value: A Paradox?