In recent times, the role of Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) has shifted towards actively competing for the most skilled professionals to staff their procurement teams. This trend has gained momentum, with CPOs exploring innovative strategies to secure the best talent. To keep up with the changing dynamics of talent acquisition in procurement, it’s essential to remain informed about the latest developments. 

One noteworthy shift is the way CPOs are now strategically courting experienced managers and directors currently employed in procurement positions at other companies within the same geographical area. The focus isn’t solely on hiring individual executives; rather, it’s about recruiting those who come with a dedicated and proficient team already in place. 

Here’s how the strategy works:

CPOs are still actively competing for top procurement talent, but their strategies have evolved to focus on recruiting leaders who can bring skilled teams with them. To maintain a strong procurement department, CPOs need to implement defensive strategies, such as employee retention initiatives and investments in professional development.


Published On: November 7th, 2023Comments Off on The Evolving Landscape of Talent Acquisition in Procurement
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