What are Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)?

Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) are one-hour blocks of time spent learning about procurement and supply chain topics. To keep your certification credential in “good standing,” you must submit 8 CEHs yearly.

Why are CEHs necessary?

  • When you use your CPO Suite Credentials, you are stating your credential status is in “good standing,” meaning we have verified your level of knowledge and experience. After earning your credential, you will be in “good standing” for one calendar year, called your certification cycle.
  • You are required to spend 8 hours each year furthering your knowledge to ensure you are still up-to-date on the field’s newest developments and practices. Click here to learn more about our certification process.

What qualifies as a CEH?

NLPA Sources

Certification program

CEH varies by program

Our recommendation on the best way to earn your CEHs is to complete your next certification program. You will further develop your skills and knowledge while satisfying your recertification requirements. The coursework fulfills the CEH portion, and our certification programs include a free year of Premium Membership.

Our Individual Courses are each worth 8 CEHs. If you use Individual Courses for your CEHs, you are already that much closer to your next certification credential.

Express Courses are short lessons focused on specific procurement topics. One of Premium Membership’s perks is full access to all of our Express Courses, making earning your CEHs a breeze.



We host ten webinars a year on current supply chain and procurement topics. In addition to being an engaging and informative experience, you will also receive 1 CEH for attendance.

Additional Approved CEH Sources

  • Denali
  • ProcureCon
  • Institute for Supply Management
  • We will consider other sources on a case-by-case basis.
    • If you wish for NLPA to consider a source not included on this list, please contact support@nextlevelpurchasing.com with your request.
    • Reach out for the CEH source’s approval in advance of the end of your certification cycle to reduce the risk of having your Certification expire if the source is not approved.
    • Our Education Director will review the submission and determine if the CEHs will qualify.

How do I submit CEHs?

  • CEHs earned through NLPA will automatically be added to your account profile after completion.
  • CEHs earned from other sources can be submitted at any time up until the end of your certification cycle. We recommend that you upload the credentials immediately after earning them to make your recertification process as easy as possible.
  • You can upload CEHs to your account profile.