NLPA is the resource your team needs

NLPA is perfect for you, if:

  • You have an under-experienced supply chain management team needing upskilling.
  • You have felt the impact of global market disruptions and need to learn the strategies and tactics to adjust your supply chain.
  • You need to test your team’s knowledge to see where information and talent gaps lie. 
  • You are looking to become an influential procurement manager.
  • You want to be part of the largest procurement community in the world.

With over 20 years of experience in procurement education, our programs and resources will equip your team with the most up-to-date purchasing and procurement methods and practices. They will be able to exceed expectations, cut costs, and negotiate better contracts. The NLPA brand is recognized internationally, adding prestige to anyone who holds a CPO Suite Credential; and we have the statistics to prove it.

Based on our most recent Salary Report, procurement professionals with NLPA Certification achieved an average of $498,000 more cost savings and avoidance per person per year than those who hadn’t completed a certification program. A CPO Suite Credentialed professional has enhanced abilities for handling the department’s most strategic work. These credentials instantly signify your team’s capabilities and earn your company respect from peers, management, internal customers, and suppliers.

Stand out with our new CPO Suite Programs

We have updated all certification program levels and are re-releasing them as our CPO Suite Programs. CPO stands for Certified Procurement Operations. Our certification programs will make you a CPO Specialist, Professional, Manager, or Executive. Click here to read more about these changes.

Investing in your education will also provide benefits for your company
  • Purchasing professionals with our certification credentials earned an average of $8,900 more per year than those who have not completed a certification program. 

  • You will earn loyalty as a company and as a manager by showing you are willing to invest in your employee’s future.

  • Teams gain technical skills that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire department.

The Certified Procurement Operation – Body of Knowledge

The Certified Procurement Operations – Body of Knowledge or CPO-BOK, contains all of the concepts, terms, and activities covered throughout the CPO Suite Programs. We created it with individuals, businesses, and schools in mind. It encompasses all of the critical information required to determine if an individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed as a professional in the supply chain field. This CPO-BOK covers four levels of education that build off each other. The highest level is the CPOE or Certified Procurement Operations Executive. Achieving this certification credential means you completed all four of our certification programs.

Download our free Salary Report to see precisely how an education from NLPA can boost your career success.