Education For All

Here at NLPA, we adhere to one unified ideology: That education should not be restricted, limited, or impeded by one’s color, culture, or creed. People from every avenue of life deserve an equal opportunity to advance their education – including you. We celebrate the certification of people from all age brackets, all racial heritages, all gender identifications, all sexual orientations, and all socioeconomic statuses.

One Team, Many Types

Our commitment to an inclusive community starts from the top with our Executive Director, Amber Pate. We do not merely preach about the importance of women in the workplace – at NLPA we model this behavior. Our passion for empowering women begins with our ED and resonates throughout the entirety of our team and clientele. Pate’s passion for empowering women resonates throughout the entirety of her team and clientele.


As an organization, our dedication to diversity extends beyond the woman at the helm of our team. NLPA is supported by an expansive and experienced collection of committed professionals throughout the world, each offering their distinct experiences and perspectives. The results are undeniable and tremendously powerful. Through the wide variety of talent, perspectives, concentrations, and personal experiences, NLPA is able to find better solutions for a wider assortment of individuals. We believe that by infusing our personal viewpoints, experiences, and worldview into our shared mission, we are best able to provide services and support that make a meaningful difference in the world. At the end of the day, we believe that representation matters and that each of our clients deserves to see themselves reflected in the work we do.

With this in mind, NLPA embraces, elevates, and celebrates the backgrounds and cultural experiences of everyone who works with our company – from our leadership team to our clientele. We do not believe in hiding, burying, or overlooking our backgrounds, but rather, we choose to incorporate the unique strengths of our individual upbringings and specific lineages into everything we do. The assimilation of worldly culture into the corporate world allows us to widen our scope of understanding, expand our productivity, and improve lives.

Certification for Every Nation

While our stance on inclusivity has truly transformed our work and our ability to achieve our organizational mission, it isn’t meant to serve ourselves. Our stance has been designed to inspire and support our customers. We want to create a culture where inclusivity and diversity are embraced, celebrated, and elevated – all while building the support, services, and accessibility necessary to foster true equality in education.