• 6 courses

  • 48 CEHs



  • 4 courses

  • 32 CEHs



  • 4 courses

  • 32 CEHs



  • 4 courses

  • 32 CEHs

Foundation Bundle

(LEVELS 1-3)

  • 14 courses
  • 112 CEHs

  • Savings of $170

Advanced Bundle

(LEVELS 2-4)

  • 14 courses
  • 96 CEHs

  • Savings of $170

All Access Bundle

(LEVELS 1-4)

  • 18 courses

  • 144 CEHs

  • Savings of $470

*CEH – Continuing Education Hours

Download our NLPA Course Catalog for a comprehensive list of the CPO Certification Programs and their corresponding modules per level.

Certified Procurement Operations



Essential Procurement Skills


Advanced Procurement Skills


Procurement Function Management Skills


C-Level Procurement


Certified Procurement Operations Specialist

CPOS stands for Certified Procurement Operations Specialist, and it is our level 1 certification program. It covers the “Essential Procurement Skills” of the CPO – Body of Knowledge (CPO-BOK). Earning your CPOS Certification Credential will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need. It is the first step in becoming a Certified Procurement Operations Expert. There are no educational or experience pre-requisites required for enrollment. Click here to learn how the certification process works.

CPOS Program: What You’ll Learn

Whether you are new to purchasing or a seasoned veteran, these procurement fundamentals walk you through the purchasing process step-by-step.

Utilizing every available tool leads to sound purchasing decisions and the delivery of top-notch presentations. We use exercises based on real-life-industry situations to explain sophisticated purchasing analysis techniques.

Being unfamiliar with advanced contract writing techniques puts your organization at risk. You could be committing to an under-performing supplier for years. Through simplified examples, interactive exercises, and access to a sample contract, you will learn how to negotiate correctly and write effective iron-clad agreements.

To properly negotiate contracts with fair pricing and terms, you need to arm yourself with the right strategies. Knowing the latest and most influential negotiation techniques will impact your bottom line. Learn actionable skills you can use on the job to create lasting, mutually beneficial agreements.

Improving your purchasing results and efficiency is possible. This course gives you the tools you need to adopt performance practices the world’s top corporations use daily.

Developing a comprehensive savings strategy is crucial to a successful procurement system. It must cover everything from analyzing your spending and strategic sourcing to continually improving cost-saving processes. You’ll learn how to calculate, achieve, and report cost savings effectively, among other essential skills.

These Individual Courses comprise level 1 of the CPO-BOK.


Certified Procurement Operations Professional

CPOP stands for Certified Procurement Operations Professional, and it is our level 2 certification program. It covers the “Advanced Procurement Skills” competencies of the CPO – Body of Knowledge (CPO-BOK). The path to earning the CPOP Credential involves completing the CPOS program and being in “good standing.” Click here to learn how the certification process works.

CPOP Program: What You’ll Learn

Basing inventory decisions on guess-work or informal tactics can lead to devastating supply problems. We provide time-tested practices that enable you to make inventory decisions that maximize your organization’s success.

Project management is a booming career path that has roles in every industry across the world. You will learn to apply project management principles to procurement environments resulting in projects free from delays, unpleasant surprises, and disorganization.

International purchasing is more complicated than its domestic counterpart. There are many unforeseen pitfalls, challenges, and risks that can complicate matters. It is imperative you develop a good understanding of the differences in cultures, law, currency, and more to run an international purchasing program effectively.

Successful global sourcing involves coordinating logistics, dealing with custom agencies, and arranging payment. You must identify ideal countries for sourcing, find suppliers, calculate landed costs, assess risks, and implement global contracts.

These Individual Courses comprise level 2 of the CPO-BOK.


Certified Procurement Operations Manager

CPOM stands for Certified Procurement Operations Manager, and it is our level 3 certification program. It covers the “Procurement Function Management Skills” competencies of the CPO – Body of Knowledge (CPO-BOK). The path to becoming a CPOM involves first earning your CPOS and CPOP credentials and being in “good standing.” Click here to learn how the certification process works.

CPOM Program: What You’ll Learn

Today’s companies are expecting more than ever from their purchasing managers. The global environment is also presenting an increasing number of challenges. To ensure you succeed, we teach you how to excel at balancing these different parts of your role.

Learn how finance executives measure business performance and how you can apply this knowledge to your procurement work.

In our second part of this course, we continue diving into integrating your decision-making process with the financial principles and approaches that your CEO or CFO expects to see.

By improving the quality of your supply chain, you can gain a competitive advantage. You will learn the intricacies of quality assurance and discover how to increase your entire supply chain’s quality.

These Individual Courses comprise level 3 of the CPO-BOK.


Certified Procurement Operations Executive

CPOE stands for Certified Procurement Operations Executive, and it is our level 4 certification program. It covers the “C-Level Procurement Impact” competencies of the CPO – Body of Knowledge (CPO-BOK). As our highest level of the certification programs, earning this credential declares to the world that you are indisputably an expert in procurement operations. To enroll in this program, you must obtain CPOS, CPOP, and CPOM credentials and maintain them in “good standing.” Click here to learn how the certification process works.

CPOE Program: What You’ll Learn

Having a supply chain that is not socially responsible puts your organization at extreme risk. In our current global landscape, social responsibility is more complicated and necessary than ever. We are dealing with unprecedented situations. The ability to navigate them and flawlessly execute a social responsibility program for your supply chain will make you an irreplaceable resource.

Supplier diversity is a growing and evolving procurement strategy among today’s forward-thinking organizations. When implemented and managed well, this strategy can make a measurable impact on your company.

Operational volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are the new normal. Learn the practical supply disruption management tools, systems, and skills to deploy effective countermeasures in the face of supply disruption.

The Supply Executive Leadership Model serves as a road map for senior supply management leaders to transform their operations to support strategic objectives, enhance customer value, and implement pre-emptive measures to reduce supply risks. Learn the tools, systems, and skills to lead successful supply management transformations with confidence.

These Individual Courses comprise level 4 of the CPO-BOK.

Certification Program Benefits

Certificate of Completion

Upon passing your exam and earning your certification credential, you will receive a beautiful digital certificate in your Member Dashboard.

Engraved Awards

Once you earn your CPOS credential, we will send you an engraved award. Each time you achieve the next certification credential, we will send a plaque to add to your award.

Exam Voucher

Purchase of a certification program includes a complimentary exam voucher (a savings of $495).

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