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You are skillful at sourcing the best resources for your company. However, are you taking steps to refine yourself into an exceptional resource as well? NLPA wants to help you learn and grow. We are here to provide you the materials and support you are looking for to bring your career to the Next Level.

We strive to provide you with relevant, impactful, and high-quality educational materials and resources. No matter what you are looking for, we have various offerings to suit your needs and budget.

Certification Programs

One of our company values is continuous improvement. We apply this value to ourselves, our business practices, and our mission of providing you with the best education and experience possible. It inspired us to re-develop our SPSM Certification Programs. We are proud to announce that we have re-developed these programs to release them as our Certified Procurement Operations (CPO) Suite Programs. Click here to read more about these changes.

Certified Procurement Operations Suite Programs. Each level
of our certification program serves to validate a student’s knowledge. Earning a certification credential demonstrates proficiency in crucial procurement skillsets at increasing levels of difficulty. Each certification credential earned qualifies you to advance to the next level. You will progress from being a CPO Specialist to being in the elite class of CPO Experts. Our certification programs are:

  • Level 1: Certified Procurement Operations Specialist (CPOS)

  • Level 2: Certified Procurement Operations Professional (CPOP)

  • Level 3: Certified Procurement Operations Manager (CPOM)

  • Level 4: Certified Procurement Operations Executive (CPOE)

Individual Courses

Individual Courses consist of 8 lessons taking approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. The design of these 18 different courses gives you a comprehensive understanding of procurement topics such as spreadsheet analysis, sourcing, purchasing management, and more.

Express Courses

Express Courses are a great way to get a highly focused understanding of a specific concept or skill. They quickly bring you up to speed on procurement topics such as managing supplier performance, procurement talent management, and more. Each Express Course is 1 lesson long and requires a 30-60 minute investment of time. You can also use the courses as a quick way to glimpse the fantastic quality of NLPA’s education materials.


We are the world’s largest procurement association. When you become a Next Level Purchasing Association member, you will get access to webinars, newsletters, all salary reports, and more. Most importantly, however, you will become a part of our community. Over 198,000 purchasing professionals have joined the Next Level Purchasing Association, and we want you to be the next new member.

Expert One-on-One Coaching for Exam Retakes
  • Results are important to us, as it is one of our company values. Being able to see your progress and have an improvement plan is essential. If you do not pass your certification exam, we will provide you with information about the sections you struggled on. This information creates an excellent starting point when preparing for your exam retake. To increase your likelihood of success, we also offer an exclusive opportunity to assist you and provide individualized support.

  • Our resident NLPA Subject Matter Expert (SME) is available to provide one-on-one coaching sessions focused on your exam retake preparations. Each session is 30 minutes long. Together with our SME, you will dive into the exam’s specific areas where improvement is needed. We provide this service for $200 per session. If you are interested in scheduling a one-on-one coaching session, please click below to contact a sales representative.

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