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Procurement Leader’s Guide to a More Successful Team

How Are Good Procurement Strategy Decisions Made?

Are you frustrated with the results of your purchasing department? You’re not alone. Developing a team to deliver measurable results and exceed goals can be challenging. The key is having a plan to identify and act on opportunities for improvement.

Learn the seven steps for transforming your team’s skills, and you’ll achieve greater results more easily.

Millennials in Procurement Careers

Hiring Potential Procurement professionals, Training for Best Procurement Results

It is an exciting procurement jobs time! A whole new breed of employees – the millennials – are entering the procurement training workplace. While millennials may bring many valuable business attributes to their employers, knowledge of and passion for procurement usually aren’t among them.

Explore how procurement leaders can bring procurement millennials onto his/her procurement team and get great procurement results in this whitepaper.

Best Value Procurement – Procurement Value Creation Workbook

Procurement has an incredible capability for creating value and can do so in many ways. Unfortunately, many senior executives – and, admittedly, even some procurement professionals – do not understand all of the ways that procurement can create value.

In this workbook, you’ll learn 10 ways that procurement can create value and be challenged to formulate your own ideas on how can procurement add value & how you can create procurement value for your organization.