What skills does NLPA teach that might match up to my program?

The Certified Procurement Operations – Body of Knowledge or CPO-BOK, contains all of the concepts, terms, and activities covered throughout the CPO Suite Programs. We created it with individuals, businesses, and schools in mind. It encompasses all of the critical information required to determine if an individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed as a professional in the supply chain field. This CPO-BOK covers four levels of education that build off each other. The highest level is the CPOE or Certified Procurement Operations Executive. Achieving this certification credential means you completed all four of our certification programs.

CPO-BOK Curriculum

Level 1 – Certified Procurement Operations Specialist (CPOS)

  • Execute the tactical and operational systems of the procure to pay processes
  • Leverage best practices to bolster continuous improvement of organizational objectives and strategies
  • Leverage data analytics to realize procurement mandates
  • Negotiate superior total cost of ownership and total cost
  • Deploy contracts to protect organizations from risk and to lock in benefits that enable competitive advantage
CPOS Certification

Level 2 – Certified Procurement Operations Professional (CPOP)

  • Initiate, plan, execute, and monitor supply management projects to realize supply mandates
  • Plan and execute inventory systems
  • Plan and implement global sourcing strategies
  • Navigate the dynamics and nuances of global procurement

Level 3 – Certified Procurement Operations Manager (CPOM)

  • Plan, organize, lead, and control procurement operations to realize organizational strategies
  • Understand and leverage tools to collaborate with and implement supply chain quality improvement operations 
  • Work with finance department operations to improve financial performance
  • Leverage KPIs to enhance supply management and organizational performance

Level 4 – Certified Procurement Operations Executive (CPOE)

  • Assist, improve, or lead a corporate strategic planning process 
  • Assist, improve, or lead product strategy and design for strategic procurement
  • Assist, improve, or lead product strategy and design for strategic procurement
  • Execute procurement function strategy SCOR
  • Transform the procurement function by leveraging Hoshin / LEAN / PDCA / DMAIC methodologies
  • Sustain procurement function transformation; BSC / Standard Work 
  • Realize the big picture view tying it together