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Your students deserve the most advanced and industry-specific materials available. As a leader in the procurement knowledge field, we are continuously developing and updating our educational resources. For supply chain management and purchasing professionals, NLPA is the gold standard in education.

Rather than theoretical teachings, NLPA’s programs and courses focus on real-life situations to give students a competitive advantage on-the-job. Using simple, well-designed technical innovations, we’ve made it easier than ever for students to take courses, learn the material, and measure their knowledge.

NLPA boasts 20 years of experience in procurement education. Our goal is to increase your attractiveness to prospective students by combining your curriculum with our newly redesigned certification programs. The resulting combination establishes your students as professionals before they even graduate. They will also be members of the largest procurement community in the world. NLPA is a recognized brand, and using our tools and credentials will add impact and weight to your experience.

This statement isn’t just talk; we have the numbers to prove it. Students qualify for higher-level opportunities with our credentials, as companies increasingly prefer or require it for their most strategic procurement positions. Procurement professionals with a certification credential from NLPA earned an average of $8,900 more than those with no credentials. They also were an asset to their company by having $498,000 more cost savings and avoidance per person per year.

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Stand Out with a CPO Suite Program

Students may use the certification credential after their names, instantly earning respect from their peers, management, internal customers, and suppliers. As an educator, you can take pride in providing real opportunities through our world-class educational materials.

We recently updated our SPSM program and are re-releasing it with new information as our CPO Suite Programs. Click here to read more about these changes.

At NLPA, we strive to provide you with the most relevant, impactful, and high-quality education possible. This is why we have a large variety of offerings to suit your needs and budget.

The CPO-BOK – BOK® Mastery Model

The Certified Procurement Operation – Body of Knowledge® or CPO-BOK® Mastery Model contains all of the knowledge, information, and techniques covered throughout the CPO Suite of Certifications. See the curriculum page for more information.