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Welcome to Certitrek’s Technology Division, where we thrive on innovation and unlock the secrets of the wireless world. Certitrek offers a gateway to unparalleled training and certifications that unveil the possibilities of the wireless realm. With Certitrek’s programs, you can shape the digital landscape, ride the waves of technological progress, and become the true architect of tech evolution. Our programs are designed to empower professionals at every career stage, from aspiring experts to seasoned veterans. Equip yourself with the knowledge and certifications needed to excel in the dynamic wireless world and become a trailblazer in the tech evolution.

Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWNP)

CWNP is the industry’s sole vendor-neutral wireless LAN certification program, encompassing various technologies vital to enterprise WLAN products. Committed to equipping professionals with the knowledge, tools, and resources for lasting success in IT/OT and wireless networking, CWNP has empowered individuals in over 150 countries. Their certifications cater to various skill levels, from entry to expert, and include specialized IoT training:

  • CWS® (Certified Wireless Specialist): An entry-level certification for those in sales, marketing, and entry-level positions related to Wi-Fi. CWS teaches the language of Wi-Fi and is an excellent introduction to enterprise Wi-Fi.
  • CWT® (Certified Wireless Technician): An entry-level certification for teaching technicians to install and configure Wi-Fi at the basic level. CWT provides the skills needed to install and configure an AP to specifications and configure a client device to connect to and use the WLAN.
  • CWNA® (Certified Wireless Network Administrator): An administrator-level career certification for networkers who are in the field and need to thoroughly understand RF behavior, site surveying, installation, and basic enterprise Wi-Fi security. CWNA is where you learn how RF and IP come together as a Wi-Fi network.
  • CWSP® (Certified Wireless Security Professional) A professional level certification for network engineers who seek to establish their expertise in enterprise Wi-Fi security.
  • CWDP® (Certified Wireless Design Professional): A professional-level career certification for networkers who are already CWNA certified and have a thorough understanding of RF technologies and applications of 802.11 networks. The CWDP curriculum prepares WLAN professionals to properly design wireless LANs for different applications to perform optimally in different environments.
  • CWAP® (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional): A professional-level career certification for networkers who are already CWNA certified and have a thorough understanding of RF technologies and applications of 802.11 networks. The CWAP curriculum prepares WLAN professionals to analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize any wireless LAN.
  • CWNE® (Certified Wireless Network Expert): An expert-level Wi-Fi certification for the most elite Wi-Fi professionals.
  • CWNT® (Certified Wireless Network Instructor): Leverage your Wi-Fi and networking expertise and IT instruction experience to teach official authorized CWNP classes.
  • CWISA® (Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator): A solid foundation for the rest of the wireless world. The Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator (CWISA) learning materials and exam will ensure students know these common wireless certification solutions and prove their knowledge.
  • CWICP (Certified Wireless IoT Connectivity Professional): Understand IoT connectivity standards and operations in business and industrial networks. This knowledge can be applied to deploy and troubleshoot the most common wireless IoT protocols with an in-depth understanding of their operations.
  • CWIIP (Certified Wireless IoT Integration Professional): Learn to develop and implement solutions that integrate multiple wireless-sourced management, monitoring, and control data through programming. This professional can identify and use the appropriate tools to extract, transform, and load data to and from wireless Internet of Things (IoT) systems.
  • CWIDP (Certified Wireless IoT Design Professional): Gain the knowledge and skill set required to define, design, validate and assess wireless IoT solutions. The CWIDP creates design documentation to support the deployment of the required system components and future operations.
  • CWISE (Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Expery): The final step in the CWNP wireless IoT track. Master all relevant skills to administer, install, configure, secure, troubleshoot, and design wireless IoT solutions.

With CWNP, you can chart your path to wireless expertise, catering to your level of proficiency and career aspirations.